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Foreigners who obtained a positive result by applying for a residence permit in Turkey before, must apply for a residence permit extension in Turkey just before the residence permit expires. Residence permit application requests must be made at the earliest 60 days before the end of the permit period, and 3 days at the latest. If it is not done, it is necessary to re-apply for a residence permit.

The most important part of the residence permit extension process is to enter the information completely and correctly. If the information provided while requesting a residence permit does not match the information entered in the existing residence permit procedures, the application process may be extended or the extension request may be rejected. As with the first application, there is a valid health insurance obligation in the extension application.

Residence Permit Extension Period

For a residence permit extension in Turkey, the start date of the extension is written as the end date of the existing residence permit. With this information, it is ensured that the duration of the new residence permit is valid from the day the old residence permit expires. In addition, the residence permit applicant must have a passport or a passport substitute travel document valid for at least 60 days from the start date of the extension.

The documents you need to prepare to apply for a residence permit differ depending on the purpose of your application. Documents to be prepared for residence permit applications;

Residence Permit Application Form
Passport Copies
4 Biometric Photos
Proof of having sufficient financial resources for the period of residence
Foreign Health Insurance

The documents to be prepared for the residence permit extension process differ according to the reason for the application. Özgür Danışmanlık experts will assist you with residence permit application and residence permit renewal issues.

If you haven’t met Özgür Danışmanlık, we welcome you to our 3 different branches. Özgür Danışmanlık obtains a residence permit for you in the most legal ways and at the most affordable prices.

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