çalışma izni

Work Permit Consultancy

Let us handle your residence permit procedures with the expertise of Özgür Danışmanlık. Özgür Danışmanlık finds legal, real and economical solutions for you. Being in Turkey to work, T.C. All non-nationals are required by law to obtain a work permit. Work permits in Turkey It is regulated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. […]

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vatandaşlık hizmetleri

Citizenship Services

Özgür Danışmanlık is with you in the Turkish Citizenship Application Process with its Professional Team Procedures and Principles Regarding the Exceptional Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Foreigners Who Create Employment of At least 50 Persons in their Owned or Partnered Workplaces in Turkey within the scope of Article 12 of the Law No. 5901 In […]

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Çıkış – Giriş Hizmetleri

Exit – Entry Services

Check Out Check In Own Your Services With The Expert Staff Of Özgür Danışmanlık Without Dealing With The Formalities! Foreigners who violated their legal right to stay in Turkey could enter Turkey conditionally, provided that they apply for a residence permit within ten days immediately after one day, if they arrived at the border gates […]

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Özel Sağlık Sigortası

Private Health Insurance

Own your Private Health Insurance with Free Consulting without the hassle of formalities! Private Foreign Health Insurance Get your private health insurance required for residence permit now. To get one step closer to living in Turkey, you should meet with free consultancy. As a free consultancy, we provide the private health insurance necessary for foreigners […]

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Deport Kaldırma

Deport Service Consultancy

Let’s Take Your Deport Removal Procedures Away From Formalities with Özgür Danışmanlık Expert Staff! Foreign nationals have the right to stay for the legal period given to them after entering Turkey. In addition to the aforementioned issue, if there is a reason to stay in Turkey for a longer period of time, they can apply […]

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oturma izni

Residence Permit Consultancy

Get your residence permit with Özgür Danışmanlık without the hassle of formalities! If you are not a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and you want to stay within the borders of Turkey for more than 90 days, if this permit is not used within 6 months of obtaining the residence permit, the cancellation of […]

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