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Foreign nationals have the right to stay for the legal period given to them after entering Turkey. In addition to the aforementioned issue, if there is a reason to stay in Turkey for a longer period of time, they can apply for a residence permit based on this reason. After the application is approved, the person is given a period of time to reside in the country and is given the legal right to stay within this period. But the foreigner exceeded this period; If he has not applied for an extension or renewal, he is given a fine equal to the period of his illegal stay in the country when leaving Turkey. If you want to pay after this penalty is given to you when leaving the country, you can make your payment by being directed to the tax office.

But if you do not want to pay, your passport will be stamped and you will be deported. Although this is the reason for frequent deportation, another reason for deportation is the ban on entry to Turkey with a disgraceful crime. The foreigner may be deported by committing a disgraceful crime. The deported foreigner is banned from entering Turkey for a certain period of time.

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