Starting from the middle of the 20th century, access to information has become easier thanks to the developments in the fields of communication and technology. At the same time, it becomes much easier to access information for malicious people or institutions who want to steal information, harm and spread it.

Information is the most important element of the information age we are in.

According to the expressions in the Law on the Subjection of Personal Data; It refers to administrative, technical and legal measures of personal data with the aim of protecting individuals from damages that may arise from the processing of information about individuals in whole or in part by automatic or non-automatic means.

According to the stated statements, the protection of personal data covers all stages of data processing processes such as collecting, storing, using and transferring personal data, and aims to give individuals the right to control. Protection of personal data is also a requirement of human dignity and personality right.

In line with the stated statements, Özgür Danışmanlık works meticulously within the scope of protecting the data of our valued customers. Protecting your personal data is your most natural right.

As Özgür Danışmanlık, we carry out our services with our expert staff in the most appropriate way to the laws and regulations. With Özgür Danışmanlık, you can benefit from our services without dealing with formalities. If you haven’t met Özgür Danışmanlık yet, we welcome you to our 3 different branches.

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