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Being in Turkey to work, T.C. All non-nationals are required by law to obtain a work permit. Work permits in Turkey It is regulated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. In the permission requested from the Ministry, documents related to the experience and knowledge, educational status and residence of the foreign personnel candidate are examined. Another important factor is the situation of the employer that will employ foreign personnel other than the specified documents. In order to be granted a work permit in accordance with our laws, the employer and the foreign personnel to be employed must meet the criteria that must be met.

Factors to be considered while issuing a Work Permit;

The situation in the job market
developments in business life,
Sectoral, geographical and economic developments regarding employment,
The absence of Turkish personnel with the same qualifications to fill the place of foreign personnel,
The country to which the foreign personnel is associated,
Security investigation of foreign personnel
Educational status of foreign personnel,
Information showing the special nature of the work to be done,
Specialization, qualifications and competencies of foreign personnel,
The contribution of the workplace to the country’s economy, etc. Factors such as these are taken into consideration by the ministry and final decisions are made.

The compliance and suitability of the documents of the employer and the foreign personnel to be employed should be supported by a file prepared considering the evaluation criteria of the Ministry of Labor, and should bring the possibility of obtaining a work permit to a high level. To ensure success in work permit, it is directly proportional to a complete application file prepared by experienced experts and regular application follow-up.

Required Documents for Work Permit;

Residence permit
1 biometric photograph (must be taken within the last six months)
Copy of identity card of the employer and the individual to be cared for
Domicile certificate of employer and individual to be cared for
Employer’s e-signature

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